Those who are familiar with Atlassian may have heard of our implementation of Google’s 20% time, an experiment we embarked on almost two years ago. 20% time means that any full-time developer employed by Atlassian can spend 20% of his or her time on a project of their choosing.
So where does a developer’s mind go when given the chance to wander?
Wait for it…wait for it…

Jira iPhone Web Interface Plugin

Andreas Knecht, one of our Jira developers, has developed a slick new plugin for Jira that, once installed, will modify the interface of Jira for any user accessing that instance from an iPhone.
Andreas has a great blog post explaining some of the development process, as well as features of the plugin.
We don’t officially support this plugin yet – so it’s a “use at your own risk” scenario. Download the plugin here and give it a test drive.


“If you find any bugs or would like certain features implemented, please feel free to raise issues in the plugin’s Jira project on Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!”


iphone1.PNG   iphone3.PNG

New iPhone Jira Interface via Plugin