I almost missed it in all the hectic, holiday frenzy, but Bob Swift contributed an killer new plugin last week. With the new Excel Macro, you can now attach an Excel spreadsheet to your Confluence page and have the table data show up as page content.
I know many people have been asking for this functionality, and now, thanks to Bob, it’s here.
The Macro is tremendously cool. An Excel sheet like this one:

Will translate into a Confluence page like this one:

And thanks to the built-in javascripty goodnesss of the Scripting Plugins, you can even click to sort the columns. (By the way, I didn’t even know you could do that until today. Our developers are so cool!)
So, please give the new Excel Macro a try. There’s a Jira project for it, so feel free to file bugs and feature requests.

New Excel Macro