It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything about new plugins. That’s certainly not because there haven’t been any, but more a reflection of how busy they’ve been keeping me. But Laura Kolker wrote a simple theme for Confluence that I know lots of people will be interested, so I thought I’d plug it here.
We’ve been having a mild religious war about comments since the early days of Confluence 1.0. About half of us like having comments visible at the bottom of the page content — it keeps the discussion thread at the forefront, and makes sure that good content doesn’t get lost one click away. However, the other half of us like having a separate page for discussion. It lets us spread out, stretch our legs, and doesn’t distract anyone from the “official” content of the page.
Confluence has, from the beginning, opted for the first option, partly out of our belief that the distinction between “official” content and discussion was somewhat artificial, and that the main purpose of the wiki was actually the process of collaboration rather than the end product of an official document. But we certainly admit that there’s no obviously right answer. It’s just one of those things where we were forced to choose one way and go with it.
And that’s why I’m happy to point out Laura’s new Comments Tab theme. Install this theme in your Confluence instance, and all of your comments will get their very own tab to live on, away from the main content. It should make about half of our customers very happy. And the other half can just ignore it.


New Confluence Theme