logo_mulesource.png By using both Jira (the professsial issue tracker) and Confluence (enterprise wiki software), MuleSource has improved productivity 10-fold! A leading provider of open source infrastructure and integration software, MuleSource relies on Jira for open source contributions and to track developer network issues. As for Confluence, MuleSource professionally re-designed the wiki to replicate their website and uses it for public documentation.
Here’s a snippet of the new case study:

Q: How has your use of Jira changed since forming Mulesource?
A: We’re trying to utilize it more and more in our day-to-day work. We’ve even mandated best practices such as, “No code should be committed to the source repository unless there’s a Jira issue attached to it.” The reason for that is to make sure that every commit has some sort of description and tracking behind it. Then we can link between Jira and Subversion, which is very nice from a development standpoint.
We’re also working on customizations to link Jira with Salesforce.com and potentially to our customer portal. We’d like to be able to correlate customer information, like contracts, with issues in Jira.

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New Case Study : MuleSource & Jira