SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) — Atlassian today released the latest version of Atlassian Connector for Eclipse. The plugin allows developers to quickly access Jira issues, Bamboo builds, Crucible code reviews and Fisheye SCM insights without context-switching from their Eclipse-based IDE. The Atlassian Connector supports the newly released Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) as well as earlier 3.3 and 3.4 versions.
The latest release of the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse was created in partnership with Tasktop Technologies, creators of the widely adopted task-focused Mylyn interface for Eclipse. Developers working on Jira issues and Crucible code reviews are far more productive thanks to Mylyn’s innovative context-based presentation which shows them only the source code files and information needed for the task at hand.
The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse allows developers to easily and efficiently:

  • Configure Jira, Bamboo, Crucible and Fisheye servers as Mylyn task repositories
  • Receive notifications of changes to Jira issues, Crucible code reviews, and Bamboo build status directly in Eclipse, eliminating context switches
  • Create, update, and manage Jira issues throughout their life cycle
  • Launch Bamboo builds and create Jira issues to address failed Bamboo builds
  • Create and conduct Crucible code reviews right in the source code editor
  • Access Fisheye SCM insights at the project, package, file or line of code level

Users of the newly-released Eclipse 3.5 can use the Mylyn Connector — Discovery tool to install the latest version of Atlassian Connector for Eclipse in just a few clicks.
Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA Improved

Atlassian also recently released a new version of the Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA. Similarly, the plugin allows developers to quickly access Jira issues, Bamboo builds, Crucible code reviews and Fisheye SCM insights without leaving IntelliJ IDEA. Improvements in 2.1 include:

  • Pre-commit Crucible code reviews
  • Automatic creation of Crucible code reviews upon commit
  • The Active Issue Toolbar that enables developers to automatically track changes, time spent and status for a given Jira issue.
  • Faster navigation and searching of Jira issues

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New Atlassian Connector for Eclipse Released, Easily Collaborate on Issues, Builds, and Code Reviews without Leaving the IDE