Atlassian is still at the beginning of what I think will be a great success story. A lot of that has to do with their products, their culture and their leadership. – Kim Heras, The Next Web

It’s been a good Friday here in the Atlassian Sydney office, despite the horrible humidity we got out, threw back a few beers and played some backyard cricket. We also got the good news that Next Web thinks we’re not only the ‘Best Enterprise Startup’ in Australia, but also that they we’re ‘Most Likely to Change the World’. That’s a lot of responsibility for a Friday afternoon!
Next Web talks in particular about the Atlassian Foundation and the partnership that we have with Room to Read. They point out that “It’s such a software engineer approach to doing things – find a way to scale your efforts (giving people the tools to influence others) so you get the biggest bang for your buck.” It’s one of the reasons why we love working with Room to Read. If you’ve missed it, here are two of the highlights of the Atlassian and Room to Read relationship so far:

  • Through our starter license program and the help of all our customers we’ve sold over $250,000 worth of licenses, all of which has been donated to Room to Read.
  • In November and December 2009, the Atlassian Foundation assisted with the Financial Times seasonal appeal by matching readers donations along with companies such as Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse. This saw a whopping $4.3m raised for Room to Read.

What a great way to end the week.

Atlassian – Most Likely To Change The World