This guest post was written by Bugbox. Bugbox LLC specializes in creating mobile apps for smartphones, including iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. Their latest app is Bugbox for Jira which puts Jira on your smartphone.

We love Jira, it’s an indispensable part of our software development, but we didn’t have a good way to access Jira while away from the desktop. So we set out to create Bugbox, a mobile app that puts Jira in your pocket wherever you go which even works when you are offline.

Application Details

is available for free to try out on Android and iPhone; coming soon to BlackBerry. Bugbox has a lightning fast and intuitive user interface that supports the full range of Jira functionality on your smartphone.

Bugbox works with Jira 4.x and uses the SOAP RPC plugin for server communication. It supports VPN, self-signed certificates, client certificates, HTTP Basic Auth and soon Web Auth.

Bugbox Tour


This screenshot shows the Android version of Bugbox. For more screenshots, please visit our web album.

Mobile Jira dashboard

The feature we like the most is the configurable dashboard: you can precisely customize Bugbox to meet your needs. Frequently view a filter or want to stay on top of high priority issues in a project? Just add it to your dashboard and we will keep it synced in the background and notify you when something needs your attention.

Give us feedback!

We are very interested in hearing your feedback, suggestions for improvements and feature requests. Feel free to drop us a line at

Take our challenge: Try Bugbox for a week and you will wonder how you ever used Jira without it!

Bugbox puts Jira in your pocket