Update 3: The migration is complete. Read the announcement here and the new PStudio how-to.
Update 2: Unfortunately, the migration is not still complete. I’ve successfully moved about 220 projects. There are about 30 to go. These 30 are the ones that have more complicated SVN histories that prevent them from being moved cleanly. I’ll be working on those tomorrow.
I’m extending the maintenance window until tomorrow at 11pm. I’ll update you again at that time.
Update: The migration is not complete, so I’m extending the maintenance window until tomorrow at 6pm. I’ll update you again at that time.

Greetings from Atlassian!

I wanted to let everyone know that we plan to launch a new service for the Atlassian Developer Network in the next few days: Plugins Studio.

Plugins Studio will be a dedicated instance of Jira Studio just for plugin developers. Jira Studio provides the full set of Atlassian development tools:

All of this is provided as a free hosted service. No need for you to worry about backups, upgrades or maintaining the development tools.

Plugins Studio (a.k.a. PStudio) will allow us to offer this full project infrastructure for any Atlassian plugin that wants one. PStudio will be available for open-source plugins provided by the community, plugins written by Atlassians, and even commercial plugins (contact me for details). PStudio will keep all of the crucial data about your plugins in one place, in an easily accessible and consistent format.

One of the major goals of this project is to successfully migrate as much of the existing plugin project data as possible. This has turned out to be quite a challenge, but we’re finally ready to make the move.

For that reason, we’re going to be locking down Atlassian’s Developer SVN and Developer Jira while we perform the migration. You won’t be able to check-in or modify anything in these systems while things are locked down. You should still be able to browse Jira or check out from SVN, however.

The lockdown may last as long as three days. I’m hoping that by scheduling this close the Christmas holiday, it will come at time of low activity. But please be prepared for an extended outage.

Once the migration is complete, there are several steps that you’ll need to take:

  • You should examine your project and make sure all the data was migrated. If we missed anyone (and we very well might) don’t panic – just let us know and we should be able to bring your project over individually.
  • Your code in subversion will have moved, so you’ll need to do a fresh checkout.
  • You’ll need to update any URLs in your code (for example, in the POM file) to point to the new locations.
    We will be copying content from http://confluence.atlassian.com (CAC) to the new Studio instance, and you’ll need to review and clean up that content (fixing URLs, primarily).
  • You’ll need to make sure that your collaborators are members of your project-group, so that they can continue contributing. (Or alternately, open up your project to everyone if you choose.)
  • You need to look at the data in http://plugins.atlassian.com (PAC), and update any URLs to point to PStudio. (We’ll try to do this automatically, but you should check and update manually any we miss.)

We’ll send out another email when the automated portion of the migration is complete, and remind you to perform these steps.

Our maintenance window for this change will start today (12/17) at 11am PST and continue until 6pm PST the following day (12/18). If we have to extend the maintenance period beyond that, we will let you know by posting on the blog.

Thanks for your patience and assistance as we make the move!

Jonathan and the Atlassian Team

Maintenance Window for Atlassian Developer Infrastructure