Sometimes there just are gaps in our documentation. I’m an Atlassian technical writer, so I’m allowed to say that.

Sometimes people have a very specific requirement or setup that is not in our scope to document. And sometimes bloggers fill the gaps by writing technical posts about how to do something cool with one of our applications or frameworks.

So we’ve started a new series of pages, called “Tips of the Trade“. There will be a “Tips of the Trade” page for Confluence, Jira, Crowd, Bamboo, and eventually for every Atlassian application. The pages contain links to blog posts or videos created by authors and developers out there on the wide wild web.

Because these pages are part of our technical documentation, we look for “how to” guides, rather than the broader business case type of document. The linked posts are full of practical information on how to do a certain something with our applications. Now, guys, that’s not an invitation to get rude. But it is an invitation to get writing.

Here’s what we have so far

  • The Crowd tips of the trade cover application connectors, remote API, performance and load testing
  • The Confluence tips of the trade include hints on administration, wikis for technical documentation, content conversion, usage, styling, customisation and development.
  • The Jira tips of the trade have some cool development and integration tips, as well as administration and workflow hints.
  • The Bamboo tips of the trade are all about build management (surprise!), performance builds, repositories and non-Java languages.
  • The Fisheye and Crucible pages are under review right now.
  • Others will appear later, when we’ve found some good content.

CornXWindows 003-trimmed-200px.png
You could see the “Tips of the Trade” pages as a window into and out of our documentation. Hrm, that’s a lame analogy. It’s an excuse to post a picture of the windows at the Atlassian Sydney office. Beaut, huh.

Your chance to learn

The “Tips of the Trade” pages may save you from a painful Google. Maybe someone has exactly the same requirement as you and has written up the solution. Or you could just glance through the pages to see what everyone else is up to.

Your chance to shine

Have you blogged a mind-bogglingly useful “how to” guide for Jira or Confluence? A devastatingly devious yet oh-so-simple script plus instructions for Crowd or Bamboo? A nobody-ever-thought-of-this-before set of guidelines for Crucible or Fisheye? Or any step-by-step guide for any of our apps or frameworks? Let us know, by adding a comment to this blog post or even better by adding a comment on a documentation page:

We’ll take a look. If the blog post or video suits the purpose of the “Tips of the Trade” pages, we’ll add the link. On the other hand, if you’d like us to remove a link that’s already there, drop us a comment too.

Hint: If you have signed up for the Atlassian Contributor’s Licence Agreement, you can add the link yourself!

Links from our docs to your blogs