We are thrilled to have Joanna Thurmann of Polycom be our next Voice of the Customer on 10 Dec 2008 at 9am PST/17:00 GMT.
Joanna Thurmann is currently a systems administrator at Polycom, managing their single global Jira instance. She has previously worked as a developer for 10 years at PeopleSoft/Oracle. Among other things, she helped design and develop their in-house bug-tracking application on PeopleTools.


Joanna will touch on the following topics:

  • Managing a large Jira installation: best practices learned the hard way
  • CustomWare Integrations: Bidirectional integration with Siebel CRM and one-way integration with ClearCase
  • Options for Jira Scalability (archive, clustering, multisite)

Updated: Video now live

Large Jira deployment? Attend this webinar.