Igor Sereda, founder and software engineer of ALM Works, gave a killer presentation on Jira Client for our Plugin of the Month webinar series. Based out of St. Petersburg, Russia, Igor created Jira Client to be a desktop client for Jira. It integrates seamlessly with existing Jira installations and brings more searching power and interactivity to frequent Jira users. Its major benefits include saving you time, managing issues efficiently, helping you concentrate on execution, and don’t not being dependent on server availability.
Hear how Jira Client was built, see a demo, grasp the architectural overview, hear about some pitfalls (creating issues remotely), understand about dealing with change (checking Jira versions and not using stub code for SOAP), learn about going commercial (set the price, think about support from the beginning, lower the adoption barrier), and become familiar with Igor Sereda by watching the video now:

This video is posted on Atlassian TV as part of our Plugin of the Month webinar series. If you want to present for this series, please give us a shout.

Killer Jira Client Video by Igor Sereda