Searching with JQL

With the release of Jira 4.0 came, among many other changes, a new way to search for your Jira issues. The Jira Query Language (JQL) provides an SQL-like syntax to your issue searches. Using JQL you can pen up intricate issue filters in seconds.
If you haven’t used JQL yet, learn more about it, or go play with it in our public bug tracker.

JQL in a gadget

Enter the JQL Plus Gadget. This is a straightforward plugin that does one thing really well: puts JQL on your dashboards.
Put a JQL gadget on your Jira dashboard and start running filters as soon as you login. Or, throw a gadget in your Confluence page and find an issue without even being in Jira.
The gadget also remembers your recent queries (performed in the gadget), making it easier to reuse them or base new queries off of them.

Give feedback

If you’ve used the plugin, leave a review at the bottom of the plugin page (you’ll have to login first), or submit feedback to the plugin’s project on our Atlassian Plugins Jira Studio.
For the moment, this gadget only works in Jira and Confluence OpenSocial containers, but further development appears to be on the horizon:

The ultimate goal is to make the gadget 100% OpenSocial compatible so that it can be deployed in any OpenSocial compatible containers.

JQL queries in an OpenSocial gadget