Atlassian has something special going on… It starts
with, of all things, their core values and shows up in the quality of
the products they create and their almost fanatical user base. They
have the most holistic approach to software I think I have ever
, Atlassian’s newest QA Engineer

Marlena is just one of the 24 new hires that we’ve made at Atlassian
in the last 6 months. We were all thrilled to read her blog
about how she is tossing out the map and coming to work with us.

So far

We’ve been on a hiring campaign to find 32 of the best and brightest people to join our team.
In the spirit of being an open company, no bullshit, here are a few details of how it’s going so far:

  • 2,500 applications — That’s an increase of over
    350% in the number of applicants we usually get. Some of these are currently being processed
  • 55 countries — The applications have come from all around the globe. With so many
    people coming in from overseas we’ve decided to make sure with
    new staff members that we Welcome them to Oz in style
  • halved recruitment costs — We’ve almost halved
    our recruitment costs per hire. This is because our referrals from
    staff and external people almost tripled with our Refer-a-Mate program that offers a $2k cash bonus
  • 4% of hires from recruiters — We caused quite a stir last year when we told recruiters that we would
    only let them play with us on our terms with our Bounty Hunters program. In the past about 26% of hires came from
    recruiters. Are the recruiters not playing ball? Or have they just not
    delivered with any of their applications?
  • $5m in new Australian IT jobs — We’ve already
    invested $3m in new IT jobs in Australia in the last 6 months, and
    expect to invest an additional $2m over the next 6 months.

24 down, 8 more to go

On top of that we have added a few more roles in the meantime. We have some very important positions to fill:

Do you know anyone who would be a good fit at Atlassian? Refer them to
us and earn yourself $2K.
Watch this short video summing up 5 reasons to apply!

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