I’m happy to announce the Jira Wallboards Plugin 1.4 has been released.  This is a release includes several minor improvements, stability and bug fixes.  We have also updated the documentation with a Wallboards 101 guide.

Here is a quick summary of the latest and greatest Jira wallboards:


Instant wallboards from GreenHopper

instant-wallboard.jpgOne of the latest feature improvements was actually part of the GreenHopper 5.3 release, with the ability to instantly create a project wallboard.

Simply go to the project overview on the Planning Board and select “Create Wallboard” from the drop-down menu. 

GreenHopper will automatically configure a Jira dashboard to display data based on the “Next Release Due” the following three gadgets:

autogenerated-wallboard.jpgOf course, you can modify your wallboard as you like, and add other OpenSocial gadgets that are wallboard-capable.

Wallboard-capable gadgets

Jira Wallboards rely on a special set of Jira gadgets that are wallboard-capable.  There are currently 8 wallboard-capable gadgets available showing:

  • Hour or statistics burndowns (GreenHopper)
  • Cumulative flow diagrams (GreenHopper)
  • Days remaining in the current iteration (GreenHopper)
  • Project progress (GreenHopper)
  • Build Plan Status (Bamboo)
  • Code reviews blocking Jira issues (Crucible)

..with more to come soon.  You can also build your own OpenSocial gadgets to pull critical data from your own systems onto your Jira wallboard.  Check out James Hatherly’s post for more details on wallboard gadgets.

Do you have the Ultimate Wallboard?

We want to see it. Tell us what’s on your wallboard and why, and you could with a 55″ HDTV and other great prizes.

Check out our upcoming Ultimate Wallboard contest to learn more.

Jira Wallboards 1.4 – Instant information radiator