Jira Studio is Atlassian’s hosted software development suite that integrates hassle-free Subversion hosting with all of Atlassian’s fast, simple tools for building great software.
Because Jira Studio runs in a hosted environment, we’ve been able to add some features that are not yet available in our download products, even after following our in-depth product integration guide.

Unified Activity Streams

Activity streams are an intuitive way to quickly see a time-sequenced list of recent activity in your projects, on the Jira Studio dashboard or even via an RSS feed.
Activity streams are available in Atlassian’s download products, but only Jira Studio is able to give you a unified stream of all the activity in your projects, including:

  • Issues
  • Wiki content
  • Commits
  • Builds
  • Code Reviews

With just a quick glance, you can get caught up on everything that’s been happening in your project. Activity streams are especially great for distributed teams since you can catch up on the work of your remote colleagues in just a few seconds. Every activity stream entry contains links in case you want to drill down for more details.

RSS feeds

Activity streams are available as OpenSocial gadgets and can be viewed in Jira Studio’s dashboard, but they really shine when you use the RSS feed capabilities to view project activity in your favorite reader (personally, I like Thunderbird, but a lot of Atlassians use Google Reader too).
A good reader lets you scan through dozens or even hundreds of activity updates in moments, especially useful when you’ve got a lot of activity to catch up on every day.

Curious about switching to Jira Studio?

Check out this webinar recording where three customers tell their migration story, and Atlassian’s hosting partner Contegix explains details of their hosting infrastructure.

The Power of Jira Studio – Activity Streams