Last week, in talking about my love affair with the iPhone, I briefly mentioned Jira Mate, an interface for Jira that runs on the iPhone.

I’ve been using Jira Mate for a couple of weeks now, and it’s great. It’s one of those applications that just works. It sets out to do a useful but simple tasks, and does it brilliantly.

Installation and configuration is a snap. Download and install from the Apple App Store, enter your Jira instance details, and you’re done. Jira Mate fetches your saved filters, and lets you navigate to the issues. Right now Issues are read-only, but that should change in an upcoming release. And, smartly, while looking at an issue you’re only a button tap away from pulling the issue up in the iPhone’s Web Browser, where you can edit. You can get all the details on the Jira Mate Plugin Page, or read the author’s blog.

Of course, Jira Mate is just one of literally hundreds of plug-ins and add-ons for Jira, some commercial (like Jira Mate) and some Open Source. View the whole list in the Jira Plugin Library.

Note: Jira Buddy is now known as Jira Mate. This blog post was updated on 13-Nov to reflect that.

Jira Mate brings Jira to your iPhone