Just a note to let everyone know that we’ve released a new version of the Jira Labels Plugin. The Jira Labels Plugin gives you the ability to tag issues with arbitrary labels and then search for issues by label or view the most popular labels by project. This release is mostly about cleaning up various bugs that had been reported. For example, more validation is performed when labels are added to prevent invalid labels from being added and checks have been added to prevent users from editing labels without permission. You can see all of the resolved issues here.
One feature-y item that did make it into this release was support for multiple label fields. Several users requested this after trying it out and finding that it didn’t work properly. Also, the labels Portlet and Project Tab did not account for multiple label fields; they only worked with the first label field added.
In this release, label fields co-exist seemlessly in the same issue.
The Portlet has been changed so that in addition to configuring the project, you also select a label field. Finally, the Labels Project Tab now lets you switch between label fields configured for that project.
Let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Jira Labels Plugin 2.1.1 Released