Did you ever need to keep an eye on a pulse of issue flow in Jira?
Jira is all about issues; whatever they may be. Some Jira users create issues. Others action issues: fix bugs, implement new features, follow up on tasks, etc. If you are one of those people who need to monitor what is happening in your Jira instance, read on.
I am a bug master for JRA project. My responsibilities include keeping an eye on bugs. I need to know about all new bugs raised – so I can take an action if needed; to comment back, to schedule them for fixing or to bring them to attention higher up if necessary. The problem I faced was that it was difficult for me to check the pulse at random. Surely, I have a filter set up to list all issues updated in last 24 hours (which includes created ones as well). I even have a subscription that e-mails me the results of this filter at 2pm every day. The issue coverage in the filter looks like this:
Unfortunately, I could not check the updates in real-time. Well, I could, if I ran the filter. If I ran the filter too soon (in less than 24 hours) I would have overlaps as shown on the next picture:
Or if I ran the filter too late I could potentially miss some issues that were created / updated during those time gaps as shown on the next picture:
Here comes Jira Issues Bucket plug-in!
This plug-in displays a list of issues in a portlet on a dashboard page. It focuses at showing the created / updated issues from the last time you ran this portlet.
Issues are added automatically as they are created or updated and match the criteria of the associated filter (e.g. bugs in JRA project updated in last 24h).
These issues stay in the list until you manually remove them either by deleting the from the bucket one by one or flushing the whole bucket at once.
You can think about this portlet as your personal to-do list. The issues stay in the bucket until you action them – whether that means to look at them only or actually doing something about them.
Oh, and it also has a “happy factor!” It’s what you feel when you go home at the end of the day and you bucket looks like this:
The plug-in is free and can be downloaded from https://labs.atlassian.com/wiki/display/BUCKET/Download. For more information head to project’s homepage and Jira at Atlassian Labs.

Jira Issues Bucket