Kieran Shaw, of BlackPepper, recently posted a great blog with recipe for setting Jira up for an Agile team.

However, we recently decided on Jira as our feature/bug tracking tool of choice and thought it would be interesting to see if we could use Jira to manage our agile projects rather than have more than one tool.
One of the cornerstones of an agile project is tracking your velocity. This is essentially a measure of how much work you are doing over a period of time. Agile projects are run in iterations, these might be a week, 2 weeks or perhaps a month. The length of the iteration would depend on the project, but 2 week iterations are a good start. Each iteration has a collection of “stories” assigned to it. A story is basically a single feature that has been defined through your analysis of the project before the first iteration. Note that as this is an agile project, you don’t have to analyse the project completely up front and have everything mapped out. You just need enough to get you on your way, you will be creating and estimating more stories as you go.

Best of all, Kieran isn’t just talking — he’s contributing back to the Atlassian Community. He picked up the Agile Velocity Tracking Plugin and added some improvements that his team needed (you can see the recent changes here.)
If you’re interested in using a simple configuration in Jira to support an agile team, this post is a great place to start.

Jira in an Agile Team