If you frequent the Atlassian blogs, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about our second annual user conference, the Atlassian Summit. We pulled in a whopping 550 attendees this year with another 200 on the waiting list, way up from last year’s 325!
As you can imagine, Jira and GreenHopper came up as topics of conversation. So, what is the current condition of these two Atlassian products, and where do we plan on taking them in the future?

Jira and GreenHopper State of the Union Video

My colleagues, Ken Olofsen and Edwin Wong, have already done a much better job than I could ever hope to at summarizing all things Jira and GreenHopper. So sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor!
The first 45 minutes of the video are Jira and GreenHopper; after that it’s the dev tools (Fisheye, Crucible, Clover, Crowd, Bamboo) state of the union and Q&A for the whole session. I encourage you to check out the whole thing – and if you’re hungry for more, check out all the videos at our Summit 2010 mini-site.
If you’re not convinced yet, here’s just a few of the topics covered in the video:

  • Jira Release Time – How did we go from 10-13 month release cycles to 4-6? And why are we shooting for 3-4?
  • Jira’s UX Journey – Starting with Jira 4.0 we started work on a revamped user experience. Why the change, and where does this journey lead?
  • Jira 4.2 New Features – The next release of Jira is right around the corner — learn about the new features, including expanded keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving features targeting advanced Jira users.
  • GreenHopper 5 New Features – If you haven’t already checked out the freshly-released GreenHopper 5, you’ll learn about the multitude of new features and revamped UX in this video.
  • What’s Next for GreenHopper – GreenHopper 5 was a big one…but there’s still more to do. Adding keyboard shortcut functionality to GreenHopper is just one of many ideas on the table.

State of the Union – Jira and GreenHopper