You may recall a recent post in which one of our developers talked about his plugin for Jira that provided a cleaner UI when accessed via iPhone.

Making Jira More Mobile

Andreas is at it again, this time tackling the problem of viewing Jira 4.0 gadgets while on-the-go. He’s written a JSP page that will allow visitors to visit each gadget on a dashboard page individually, which greatly improves performance on mobile devices.
From Andreas’ blog post:
“With the JSP page, users can bookmark a URL on their phones such as http://localhost:2990/jira/gadgets.jsp?d=10000 (where 10000 is the dashboard id) which will then provide them with a list of all the gadgets on that dashboard.”

Dig Deeper

Head over to the original blog post and get some more info on optimizing the Jira dashboard for mobile devices, as well as the code for the JSP page.

Jira 4.0 Gadgets on the iPhone