We’ve just released an update to our popular Commit Acceptance plugin (see some background here). The plugin can now maintain different configurations for each project in Jira. You can see how it works in the screenshot below:

You start by setting up global rules for all of Jira. As before, you can specify whether commits must contain an issue key, whether the issues must be open, and whether the issue must be assigned to the committer. But now, you can override those global settings on case-by-case basis for any Jira project.
And as an extra bonus, we’ve also added pre-commit scripts to ClearCase to allow you to hook ClearCase check-ins to Jira just like SVN and CVS.
So give the Commit Acceptance Plugin a shot and tell us what you think. We’re anxious for your feedback!

Jira Commit Acceptance Plugin 1.1 Released