Jira 4.3 EAP 1 is so old news.. we have already released 4.3 Early Access Preview (EAP) 2  and it just keeps getting better.

Get users from LDAP and Crowd

With EAP 2, we continue to evolve the direct connection to LDAP feature we
introduced in the first EAP. In addition to LDAP improvements, EAP 2 also provides support for Jira connecting to a Crowd Server.

For information
on how to configure Jira to connect to LDAP and/or a Crowd server please
review the updated Release Notes and Upgrade Guide for this 4.3 milestone. We will definitely be posting more details on this exciting feature in the near future.

What else is new?

There are more newcomers to Jira in this second milestone release:

  • Universal Plugin Manager (aka UPM)
    is now bundled with Jira. Previously the UPM needed to be downloaded from
    the Plugins Exchange and installed manually. With EAP 2 this step is no
    longer required. Moving forward we will be removing the old style
    plugin administration pages.
  • Application Links are now bundled with Jira. Next steps for Application Links include
    converting plugins that integrate Atlassian products (eg the Jira Fisheye Plugin) to use Application Links. This will make installing and configuring multiple Atlassian products easier.
  • Bugzilla Importer gets another rev as part of the Jira Importers Plugin.  The small importers team is moving at pace to improve the
    experience of importing issues into Jira from other issue tracking

Feature validation

Currently the Jira development team is divided into 4 sub teams. The
A-team is one such sub team and their Team Lead, Andreas, discusses the feature validation
exercise his team conducted over the last two weeks.

More to come soon.. stay tuned!

Try it for yourself

As always, hHelp us shape the next major Jira release by downloading our latest Jira EAP and giving us your feedback via our public Jira instance.

Jira 4.3 Milestone 2 – LDAP, plugins, links and more