We have finally stopped adding features to Jira 2 and today we’re
shipping the first Release Candidate! It’s an exciting day! No more features
will be added to 2.0 now, we’re focussing purely testing and fixing for the
next fortnight.

Although we didn’t manage to finish all of the prospective 2.0 features, a
huge majority are done and I think you’ll agree that some are VERY cool! The
rest have been postponed to 2.1.

What’s New

Release Candidate 1 contains many new features, and fixes for most known
outstanding bugs.

The major new features in Release Candidate 1 include:

  • portal dashboard – decide exactly what you want on your dashboard,
    including which projects, which filters and what portlets. You’ll wonder how
    you did without it!
  • subscribable filters – get any filter emailed to you, or any group,
    periodically. This is also an extremely useful feature and something we’ve
    been dying to include since before version 1.0.
  • HTML/Text email preference – individual users have a preference whether to
    receive text or HTML mail from Jira now
  • move issue – move any issue from one project to another, and interactively
    update any settings or dependencies which need to change
  • asynchronously sent mail and an internal mail queue
  • query issues assigned to groups, or reported by groups
  • updated services APIs
  • many bug fixes and minor improvements

If you want to see how useful the major features in this release are, feel
free to play with / test them live on http://jira.atlassian.com !

  1. Login to http://jira.atlassian.com
  2. Create yourself a filter
  3. Customise your Dashboard to include that filter and other portlets.
  4. Subscribe to the filter and get it emailed to you (in HTML if you want!)

We can’t wait for your feedback!


You can download the EAP Releases from the EAP Downloads page.

Jira 2 – Release Candidate 1