Today we put up Release 4, the next release in the Jira 2 Early Access

This is a very exciting release for us, people have long been asking for
configurable notifications – and with this release we have it! It’s not
perfect yet, but I already think it’s another feature unique to Jira.

Your feedback and bug reports on the notification schemes would be
especially appreciated.

What’s New?

Release 4 includes a number of bug fixes over Release 3, which went up on

The major new features in Release 3 include:

  • email notification schemes – you can now decide exactly who gets
    notified when issues are modified. As set of notifications is assembled into
    a ‘scheme’, and you can choose a scheme for each project. You can currently
    choose to notify all watchers, the current assignee, the remote user, the
    current reporter, a specific user, a specific group of users or a specific
    email address.

  • centralised mail servers (both POP and SMTP)
  • modularised architecture (Jira is now built with Maven)
  • improved service scheduling
  • queries on multiple issue types
  • ability to specify a default for issue types, priorities and resolutions
  • ‘project administrator’ permission
  • many other minor bug fixes and improvements over R2

For more details, see the full planned feature list for Jira 2 to track our progress.


You can download the EAP Releases from the EAP Downloads page.

Jira 2 – EAP Release 4