Jira 2.1 is nearing completion, we’re hoping to have a beta out early next week. This announcement is just to pass on our progress so far to the broader Jira community.
h3. Features
There are a few new features, and many, many smaller tweaks and improvements. Most of our work has gone into improving the security and permissioning systems. Permissions are now ‘scheme’ based, so configuring permissions for lots of projects is much easier. The Enterprise version also includes issue level security, and other more fine grained permissions.
Listening to your feedback, we have invested significantly in our documentation for this release. We’re aiming to have a beta of the documentation online soon for everyone to offer further feedback and advice on.
h3. Licensing
Jira 2.1 will be our first release to come in both Professional and Enterprise editions. They will both be released at the same time.
For now the price of the professional will remain at $USD 800 – although due to the sad performance of the Australian dollar of late, it might rise slightly in the future.
The Enterprise version will be $USD 4000, and besides the extra features will include:
* the usual 12 months of upgrades from the date of purchase
* improved support with a guaranteed 1 business day response time
* 5 hours of Atlassian services for consulting or customisation
* a beautiful Jira 2 t-shirt! (with the slogan “Because you’ve got issues!”)
As for upgrades, existing Jira licensees who have purchased in the last 12 months will be able to upgrade to Jira 2.1 Professional as normal.
We will also be offering some special pricing for customers who wish to upgrade to the Enterprise version in the first 30 days of it’s release, but we have not finalised that yet.
We hope this helps give you an insight into where we’re heading.
Any feedback or queries are, as always, “most welcome”:http://www.atlassian.com/about/contactform.jsp.

Jira 2.1 progress update