It’s not hard to find Atlassian…
In the next few months you can find us at a lot of conferences, user groups, and cities. Here are some of the events that are coming up:
Atlassian co-founder and CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes will be speaking at JAOO Sydney in May. Atlassian will be sponsoring all three CITCON 2009 events in Minneapolis, Brisbane, and Paris. Soren Harner, VP of engineering, will be speaking at Jazoon in Zurich. We’ll be at SDWest and QCon London next week, Web 2.0 Expo the month after that, JavaOne in June and Enterprise 2.0 shortly thereafter.
There are half-a-dozen user groups coming up (hopefully in a city near you), and of course the granddaddy of all conferences (in all time, space and dimension): Atlassian Summit in San Francisco is a a few months away.
Hope to meet you somewhere along the way!

It’s not hard to find Atlassian