Sometimes, on those really dark (or truly inspired) days of strongly-caffeinated development, one needs a way to rapidly create a large number of new Jira issues. Thanks to Atlassian developer Tom Davies, there’s a bit of light at the end of the QA tunnel— IssueCreator. IssueCreator provides a simplified Swing interface for quick Jira data entry and is currently available in both a WebStart and OS X disk image implementation.
IssueCreator Screen:
Resulting Jira Issue:
Developer Q&A:
What was your inspiration for developing the IssueCreator?
Web applications are great, but no matter how much Ajax you add they
will never be as nice as a good Swing application.
Jira may have a browser based UI, but really it’s an issue management
web service which happens to ship with a web UI, so adding a new UI is easy.
I create a lot of issues (mostly reporting the bugs I’ve created in
Confluence!), so the ability to create a simple issue quickly is very
I’d better plug Confluence too — I was very pleased to discover that
you can host a Webstart app on a Confluence page with no tweaks at all!
What would you like to add to a future rev?
See for some simple ideas.
I’d like to automate some other tasks which I do often, and which I find
take more pages than they absolutely need to — like closing an issue as
a duplicate of another.
Looking further forward IssueCreator could be a web proxy, so that your
browser requests to Jira would go through IssueCreator, and it would be
able to keep a list of recently viewed issue as candidates for tasks.
What wouldn’t you add to a future rev?
There are some things which it doesn’t make sense to do in a client
application. Once you find that you are having to mirror the server’s
data structures and receive update events you have probably gone too far
(unless you are using Jira from Mars, perhaps), so searching would never
be done locally, for instance.
Where were you sitting when you wrote this code?
In my study with my son on my lap, which will account for any milk
stains on the code.
Any advice for those in the dev community that would like to take the source code and run with it?
Go for it! You’ll find development quicker if you install a local Jira
instance — has a lot of projects, and IssueCreator
pre-loads some of their attributes, so if you are restarting the app
continuously you’ll save time by using your own instance. If you do use
j.a.c remember to create your test issues in the TEST project!
I wasn’t thinking about checking this in to subversion when I wrote it,
and I knew if I waited to clean it up I’d probably never commit it, so
I’ll warn people that this isn’t all in the Atlassian style — I put
underscores on the front of fields, even though modern IDEs make that
redundant. Feel free to clean that up.