Since opening our doors in 2002, Atlassian has donated over $40 million in software development tools to thousands of non-profit and open source organizations. At last year’s Summit we kicked off a wonderful new tradition of giving out a $10,000 prize to a Community License holder. Mercy Ships, the winner, moved us by showing how the money they saved by receiving free Atlassian licenses contributed to their charitable efforts. We were so thrilled with the positive messages we saw in each entry that we’ve decided to make this year’s award even bigger and better. Entries for the Atlassian Do-Gooder Award 2011 are now open.


If you’re a Community License holder you are eligible to win $10,000 for your non-profit as well as a trip to Atlassian Summit in San Francisco in June this year. We’ll pay for your ticket, hotel accommodation and up to $500 in airfare. You can enter no matter where in the world your organization is located.


So what do you have to do? Just tell us your story of how our license contribution impacted your organization. Have fun with the entries – we’ll gladly watch videos and animations, read poems or listen to a song you wrote. Your story is a powerful lesson to all our other customers and we’d love for you to share it. We’ll publish all entries on the Do-Gooder Awards page so you’ll get some great exposure for your organization.


Entries are due by April 25, 2011. You know what they say about the early bird :).


Good luck! We look forward to seeing your stories. 

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Introducing the Atlassian Do-Gooder Award