Has your team already switched to using Google Apps for email, calendar, and documents? If you’ve “gone Google” or you’re considering it, you’ll be excited to hear about the new integrations between the Jira Studio hosted software development suite and Google Apps. Here are a few of the really cool, useful features you get by integrating these two great applications:

Jira Studio Activity Bar

When Jira Studio is connected to your org’s Google Apps domain, every Jira Studio user will have access to the Activity Bar, which puts your most used applications at your fingertips no matter what screen you are viewing. The activity bar includes recent Jira issues, outstanding code reviews, latest build results, unread email messages, upcoming events, and more. Learn more >>

Chat in Jira Studio

Chat is an essential tool for developers to quickly communicate and solve problems. Jira Studio puts Google Talk right into every screen of Jira Studio. Chat with any team members that are online, receive CI build notifications, and share hyperlinks to anywhere in your code for precise communication. Learn more >>

Google Docs in Jira Studio

Google Docs are a great way to create and edit documents like user stories, requirements and training materials, working in real-time with team members located anywhere. Jira Studio let’s you attach documents to your issues, display filtered lists of documents in a wiki page, or even embed individual documents into a wiki page for asynchronous threaded discussions. Learn more >>

Jira Studio gadgets in GMail

A lot of people spend most of their time in their email or calendar clients. Jira Studio provides dozens of OpenSocial gadgets that can be displayed in any OpenSocial container, including Gmail and Google Calendar. Learn more >>

Adding Jira Studio to your Google Apps Domain

If you already have a Google Apps domain and you’re ready to try Jira Studio free for 30 days, then you can simply click the following button and you’re just a few steps away from getting started!
If you’ve already got Jira Studio and Google Apps but haven’t integrated them, please check out our FAQ for instructions.
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Introducing Jira Studio + Google Apps