Everything Just Got Better

Atlassian ondemand logoWe’re thrilled today to introduce Atlassian OnDemand, our new all-you-can-eat SaaS platform. Now you can get our most popular tools—like Jira, Confluence and GreenHopper—starting at just $10/month for 10 users.

This is an awesome, awesome addition to our hosted services. Ten bucks gets your team started with Atlassian tools – hosted, pre-configured, and ready to go in minutes.

Everything à La Carte

In an OnDemand world, everything is à la carte. Mix and match the applications and add-ons you need; you can build a sweet development suite in the cloud for your team for less than the cost of an iPad®. We’re phasing out Jira Studio and our other hosted product offerings in favor of our flexible and fast à la carte OnDemand service. Moreover, you can choose to have different numbers of users per application – use Confluence for your extranet at 1000 users, and Fisheye for source browsing for 25 developers – no problem.

Awesome Integrations

Zendesk logoIf you’re at all familiar with Jira Studio, you know about the awesome integration between the applications we’ve built. Common navigation, single sign-on, cross-app linking, and a full-suite Activity Stream give you an amazing, out-of-the box experience which is unparalleled in SaaS dev tools. And it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all suite – pick any combination of applications, and they’ll immediately come with everything hooked up and ready to go.

Get Satisfaction LogoAnd the integrations don’t stop there. We’ve built a powerful link between Jira and Bitbucket, allowing you to track your Hg (and Git!) commits right inside Jira. And we’ve partnered with external SaaS vendors to build a host of great new mash-ups with the likes of SalesForce.com, Zendesk, GetSatisfaction, and more.

Google Apps Ready

google apps logoMore than just an integration, our Google Apps connectivity runs to the core of OnDemand. Shared user accounts & management, sign on from Google, embed and preview Google Docs in wiki pages and issues, and exchange OpenSocial dashboard gadgets across applications. If you’re using Google Apps, Atlassian OnDemand is a no-brainer.

and more…

If you’re interested, there’s lots more to learn about OnDemand. Or you can go ahead and kick the tires a bit and sign-up today

In the meantime, please check out this introductory video – its short, funny, and FOU (full of unicorns):

Introducing Atlassian… OnDemand