Three weeks ago, Jira 4 landed with a solid thud. Soon after, our Jira 4 Sandbox went live, giving evaluators a chance to experience a populated Jira 4 environment that they could play around with.
We’ve snuck something pretty cool into the sandbox…our new interactive tours. If the last time you visited the sandbox was more than a week ago, there’s a whole new world waiting for you just a click away.

Get New Users Up to Speed

For new users of Jira, the Atlassian Assistant, as we’re calling it, offers a way to get acquainted with the product in a hurry. The tours take users on a comprehensive stroll through most of Jira’s end-user features.

Evaluate the New Features

For those considering an upgrade, you can check out the Atlassian Assistant tours to see all those shiny new features in action. It’s a great way to demo the product to whoever’s got their finger on the budget trigger, too.

So What’s it Do?

The most powerful feature of the Atlassian Assistant is it’s ability to recognize the current state of Jira. It knows what type of issue you’re creating, and it knows what screen you’re viewing. Using this ability, the Atlassian Assistant is able to make sure you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be in the tour.
On the other hand, it knows when to shut up. This isn’t Microsoft’s Clippy – it can take a hint, and if you click the icon on the bottom-right hand corner, it will stay out of your way until you want it back.

Check it Out!

I could go on, but this is really something you need to see to believe. Check out the screenshots below, then take a tour and try it for yourself.


Picture 27.pngPicture 28.pngPicture 29.pngPicture 30.pngPicture 31.png

Interactive Tours in the Jira Sandbox