OK, we admit it: Installing multiple Atlassian products and getting them to work together can be, well, a quest!
In the spirit of being an “Open Company, No Bullshit”, and in conjunction with the launch of $10 starter versions for 6 of our most popular products, Atlassian has introduced the “Guide to Installing an Integrated Atlassian Suite”, or as it’s better known, “Here Be Dragons”.
So what awaits the brave souls who take on the challenge of slaying the integration dragons and establishing an incredibly useful tool suite for their teams? Well, thanks to the heroic efforts of Atlassian’s Technical Documentation team, they will have a precise, step-by-step guide for each step of the path:

Our technical documentation staff estimates the journey will take 5 hours, though fleet, heroic members of our team claim to have finished in under 2 hours! If you should ever need assistance along the way, help is just a click away in the Atlassian Integration Forums. Want to hear the stories of your fellow adventurers? You can follow the Atlassian Dragon Slayer twitter stream to hear their epic tales.
Heroes who complete the quest will not go unrewarded. Besides obtaining the everlasting appreciation of your fellow developers, who will also be rewarded with an Atlassian Dragon Slayer T-Shirt!
Ready to begin the quest? Click here to enter!

Integrating multiple Atlassian products? Follow our guide and slay the dragons!