Internally we have started migrating most of our applications to use Crowd as a central location for authentication and authorization information along with single sign-on (SSO). One of the applications that had been escaping us was getting Subversion integrated — but this has all changed.
We happy to say that Crowd can now be integrated with with Apache and Subversion.
The authentication handler works with the mod_perl library that is commonly available for most Apache HTTP Server installations. The security calls then are dispatched over SOAP using SOAP::Lite for Perl.
To date we have integrated the following:
* Jira
* Confluence
* Bamboo
* Fisheye
* Subversion
What we are wondering is what connectors do you need? If an application has some way to be extended and integrated with Crowd we want to support it.
You can read more about getting Crowd and Apache/Subversion integrated, here.

Integrating Crowd with Apache and Subversion