The Atlassian Developers site has a shiny new look, improved tutorials and pretty pictures. Is that Confluence I see before me? Yes, and the shiny new look is thanks to the Zen Foundation theme. The Zen editing experience is a bit different to the standard Confluence themes. Here is a quick start guide.

1. Log in


2. Search for or click through to the page you want


Use the search box to find the document you want.

Alternatively, click through to the page you want:


Click the ‘Docs‘ tab.


Click through to the page in the left-hand navigation panel.

3. Hover near the title and click the edit icon


  • Move your cursor to the top left of the page’s content panel. The edit icon (two crossed pencils) will appear.
  • Click the pencils.
  • Make your changes. The wiki is running Confluence 3.5 with wiki markup.

4. Preview your changes to save a draft


Click ‘Preview‘. (There is no ‘Save’ button.) This will save a draft that only you can see.

5. Click the tick to publish the draft


  • After you have previewed the page, your changes are in draft mode. The draft is visible only to you. You can continue editing for as long as you like. Each time you preview, Zen will save your draft.
  • To publish your changes, click the tick icon (also called a check mark).


Where’s the toolbar? How do I add a page, see the attachments, view wiki markup…? See the guide to editing the Atlassian developer documentation.

How to edit the Atlassian developer documentation