We’re thrilled to announce the new-and-improved benefit package offered to Atlassian User Group leaders. It’s now sweeter than ever to be a leader in the Atlassian community.
Fun facts

Genuine Atlassian User Groups
have been running successfully for over four years now. Users all over the world get together to share common issues, solutions, experiences, and initiate meaningful discussions. These events are ongoing, free for attendees, and all about what you want. No slimy sales pitches or ulterior motives – just free food and a lot of shop talk.
AUG snapshot:

  • The first-ever AUG was hosted on September 19, 2006 in Falls Church, VA.
  • Groups span across 18 US states and 29 countries with more popping up every month.
  • The San Diego AUG was just established last week. Help them kick it off with a bang!
  • Planning a vacay to Bern, Switzerland? Stop by the AUG in June to learn about GreenHopper.

Once you go AUG, you don’t go back
On June 28, 2007 Atlassian hosted our third user group at Stanford University. We’ve turned the program over to our users ongoing, and we’ve created an incredible network of rockstars including Joanna Thurmann, Jira systems administrator at Polycomm. Joanna presented at the Stanford AUG and has been a vital part of the Atlassian community ever since. In fact, she presented just last week at the SF Bay Area User Group at CustomWare.
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What’s in store
We’re dedicating this year to total AUG-mentation, starting with the leaders of our community who make it possible for users to access interesting tips and tricks of the trade in a fun environment. If you’re interested in hosting ongoing AUGs, we’re offering up a smorgasbord of freebies. We’ve doubled the amount of goodies which range from a bigger budget to more direct Atlassian involvement.
Along with these uber perks, we’ll help you collaborate with other AUG members and give you recommendations for making your group kick-ass. You can sign up to be an AUG leader here, or search for an already established group in your area. It’s easy as pie and we’re here to support your efforts. You can also contact me directly anytime.
Happy AUG Leading!

How Sweet It Is To Be An AUG Leader