Atlassian Confluence customer, OpenCloud, have done some amazing work with Confluence. For example, check out their developer portal, which takes Confluence dashboards to a whole new level.
They’re also using Confluence for writing and publishing their technical documentation. I got a great deal of satisfaction when I learned from Jon Hertzig of OpenCloud they were inspired to use Confluence after reading our Gigaspaces case study, which we wrote a while back.
So we asked Jon to be a part of our continuing Voice of the Customer webinar series. Join us in January as our own tech writing guru, Sarah Maddox, speaks with Jon about their approach to building documentation on Confluence. We’ll hit upon topics like:

  • Why and how did OpenCloud switch to Confluence?
  • What was the migration path to move documentation into Confluence?
  • What macros are being used?
  • DITA, Docbook and PDF… do they ever export the documentation and if so, how?
  • What workflow do they follow to update the docs?
  • In what other ways is Confluence being used at OpenCloud?
  • Plus, all your questions about tech writing with Confluence answered!

See all the upcoming webinars on our new and improved Events page. Would you like to present at a future voice of the customer? Please contact us! Archived webinars can be found on AtlassianTV.
Updated: Video now live

How OpenCloud uses Confluence for technical documentation