Last Friday the San Francisco office got dressed up and broke into teams to carve up some pumpkins! So much fun (and we’ve got the photos to prove it):
Support Engineer, Jonathan Costello is beheaded?!!?1!?
4059119665_81af425c37 _Goth Emo_-ticon-Vampire Pumpkin_O.jpg
Channel Coordinator, Trisha Hong, plays Alan from the movie “The Hangover”
4059117399_ca3c04a326 Hang Over_O.jpg
A beer pumpkin!
4059119945_c1f1fa3ba0 Beer Pumpkin_O.jpg

Customer Advocate, Sherrie Ladegast, dressed as a geisha

4059859602_cc19079624 Geisha Mystique_O.jpg

Office Administrator, Rochell Lopez, with Tina as Crulla de Vil

4059862546_08f14d3c3d IMGP0641_O.jpg

Marketing Monkey, Morgan Friberg, as Carl Fredricksen from the film “Up”

4059861710_9f08a46138 Up_O.jpg
Support Triage Engineer, Marian Finch, is a bunch of grapes4059860690_6125877967 grape lady_O.jpg

To see a bunch more photos from Atlassian’s Halloween festivities, check out these photos on Flickr.

Halloween Comes to Atlassian