It’s been almost a month since our announcement of GreenHopper 5, and if you’ve installed it, you already know how big of an update it was.
GreenHopper has the shortest release cycle of our products (appropriate for an agile planning tool!), so it can be hard to keep up with all the new features. Read on to see a deep-dive into the revamped UX you’ll find in GreenHopper 5.

GreenHopper’s new look

GreenHopper 5 brings with it the most radical change to GreenHopper’s UX since it first joined the Atlassian family – a change that we’re proud to say will make working with GreenHopper faster, simpler, and more efficient. Let’s take a look.

Card redesign

At the heart of GreenHopper are cards – lots and lots of cards. We spent a lot of time reinventing the GreenHopper card to make working with them more pleasant and efficient.
The color of the card, denoting the issue type, is now only displayed on the left-hand side. This provides a consistent background color, making it much easier to scan a series of cards:
card color.png
Inline editing
In addition to this change in appearance, we’ve also made editing your cards’ details immensely easier. Inline editing is now available for all fields on the card, and in all card views:
inline list view.png

Jira look & feel

Many of the visual improvements in GreenHopper mirror those made in Jira 4.1 – the result is a pair of products that not only work well together, but also look great together.
New dialogs
All the dialogs in GreenHopper have gotten a makeover, and should look familiar if you’ve used Jira 4.1:
New menus
In another effort to reduce clutter on the GreenHopper boards, the navigation menus have been simplified and condensed into a collection of drop-downs in the top-left of the board, leaving more room for your cards below.
Between the drop-down menus and the cards sits a new addition: the Quick Filters. Visible only after clicking the funnel icon, these filters give you further options to filter the cards displayed on the board:
new menus.png
Just like in Jira 4.1’s issue filters, we’ve added a drop-down action menu to GreenHopper cards, which becomes visible when hovered over. It’s available in all card views, and lets you perform actions like adding sub-tasks, updating priority, and lots more:
cog dropdown2.png
This same drop-down action menu was also added to the statistics column and task board columns.
New buttons
The New Card, Views, and Tools buttons have gotten the Jira treatment, and we’ve added a button to let you toggle the visibility of the statistics column on the right-hand side of the planning and chart boards:
new buttons.png

Improved Chart Board

The statistics column is now available in the Chart Board, putting version details right next to their accompanying charts, and making switching between charts simple:
new chart board.png

Download and upgrade today!

Download GreenHopper 5 now to upgrade. Jira Hosted customers can upgrade to GreenHopper 5 for free by filing a support request at under the ‘Enterprise Hosted’ project.

If you don’t have GreenHopper yet, what are you waiting for? Get started with a free 30-day trial or check out our Jira + GreenHopper Online Trial (also free for 30 days).

Learn more about using GreenHopper for agile task tracking at our website.

GreenHopper 5 Deep Dive – New look for agile task tracking