I’m proud to announce the release of GreenHopper 5.1. Hot on the heels of the GreenHopper 5 release announced at Summit, the team is working hard to maintain their status as the most agile development team at Atlassian. This release includes several significant time saving improvements based directly on the customer feedback we received at Summit.
Here is a quick summary of what’s new in GreenHopper 5.1, plus a little video demo (see below).

Sprint planning is easier than ever

Two filtering improvements on the Planning and Task boards make it even easier to determine your teams workload and plan your sprints using GreenHopper.

  • Filter assignee/component by version – When viewing the Planning Board in the assignee or component mode you now have the ability to filter your view by version. This feature is great for looking at all the work being done on a particular component during any specific sprint.

  • Filter Task Board by assignee – You can now filter cards by assignee within versions on the Task Board. This is ideal for watching the progress and managing the workload of each developer throughout a sprint.

Make every click count

As much as we love GreenHopper, we know the real work happens in the IDE, so we have added several improvements to help you complete common tasks quickly.

  • Bulk changegh-51-bulk-change.pngYou can now highlight any number of cards on the Planning Board and select Bulk Change from the tools menu to jump straight into the bulk operations wizard. This is an awesome way to edit, move or transition several issues at once.
  • Adjustable markers – You can now adjust markers by simply dragging them up and down. This will set the marker to a temporary value.
  • Epic creation – When using the Scrum template and creating a new Epic, GreenHopper now automatically populates the Epic/Theme field with the issue key. This allows you to quickly move on to adding user stories and tasks for that Epic.
  • Release notes – We have streamlined the creation process to make it easer than ever to generate complete release notes for every item in your release.
  • Cards selected indicator – We have added an indicator to show the number of cards being dragged at the same time.drag-and-drop-cards.png

Introducing GreenHopper Labs

This release also introduces a brand new Labs concept for GreenHopper. The idea behind GreenHopper Labs is that we give you the opportunity to enable and play around with new features that are currently in the works, but not quite finalised yet. This gives you the opportunity to provide us with feedback to ensure that we get it done right.
This particular release includes three Labs features:

  • Full colour cards – This option colour-codes the entire card, not just the header, to create higher contrast and distinction on the Planning and Task boards.
  • Unscheduled work on the Task Board – This feature is great for Kanban teams that are not concerned with versions. They simply prioritise their backlog on the Planning Board and manage the flow of work using the Unscheduled version on the Task Board.
  • 2-line list view – This option condenses cards from 3 to 2 lines in the List View allowing you to view more cards on the Planning and Task boards.

All in all, GreenHopper 5.1 is jam-packed with great features and improvements. Check out the GreenHopper Release Notes for all the details.

GreenHopper 5.1 in action

Try GreenHopper 5.1 today

Download GreenHopper 5.1 now to upgrade. Jira Hosted customers can now upgrade to GreenHopper 5.1 for free by filing a support request at http://support.atlassian.com under the ‘Enterprise Hosted’ project.
If you don’t have GreenHopper yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out in the Jira Sandbox. Better yet, get started with a free 30-day trial or check out our Jira + GreenHopper Online Trial (also free for 30 days).
Need to get trained up? Check out our new GreenHopper training course.

Going to Agile 2010?

We’ll be there, too! Be sure to drop by the Atlassian booth to check out the latest and greatest from GreenHopper and all our other great tools for agile development.

GreenHopper 5.1 now available – even faster agile planning