It was with great trepidation that I directed the Nintendo Wii’s new web browser to the Atlassian extranet’s Confluence instance. Surely this was as foreign an environment that Confluence was going to be displayed in as ever. Somewhat surprisingly, everything worked fine and it would appear that you can now get your wiki fix from the comfort of your shiny, brand new Nintendo console. (Apologies for the less than stellar screen shots; LCD and plasma technology has yet to reach Sydney’s north-west 🙂 )

The Atlassian extranet dashboard
A Confluence blog page

I could even post comments via the Wii’s on-screen keyboard and remote pointer, although as you can see we disable rich text editing for browsers that we don’t explicitly support.

Posting a comment

Our Jira kin should be happy to note as well that their baby looks to be Wii enabled as well.

The Jira dashboard

The Wii edition of Opera is very impressive; you can see that the Opera developers are master of their domain with regard to operating on devices with restricted interfaces and limited resolution. You can seemlessly zoom in and out to see small features easily, the text looks fantastic considering it is running on a low res, 50Hz clunker of a CRT and the render performance is damn fast; navigating back and forth between pages is a swift joy.

Let the support cases roll on! 😉

Get your Wiiki on