It’s hard to believe that only seven years after Atlassian was founded, we’ll shortly hit $100 million in all time sales. It’s been quite a ride.
One of the things that impressed me most when I joined a year-and-a-half ago was how different Atlassian was from other companies I had worked for and other startups I had read about. These differences have helped hurdle us over this rad milestone, and in these uncertain economic times, I think they’ll get us over the next one.
There’s no magic recipe that propels a company forward – mostly it’s a combination of hard work and good timing – but for what it’s worth, the recipe our founders, Mike and Scott, prescribed for Atlassian consists of four ingredients:

  • The software had to sell itself with no $$$ for a sales team
  • To sell itself it had to be low price
  • To make money we’d have to sell lots of copies
  • To sell lots of copies, we’d have to build really good software

We’re still cooking with this recipe today.
So, stay tuned. We’ll shortly celebrate this accomplishment by featuring the lucky customer that puts us over the top. We have a few goodies picked out for them as well. 😀

From Startup to $100 Million