The Fisheye and Crucible team is excited to announce the release of Fisheye 2.3 and Crucible 2.3. These releases focus on the insight and information Fisheye and Crucible can offer development teams. We also introduce significant new ways to share and discuss code changes.

Fisheye 2.3

fisheye-aggregate.pngNew ‘Aggregate’ functions in EyeQL query language – EyeQL, Fisheye’s advanced search query language, just became more powerful with new aggregating functions.  There is now support for COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT DISTINCT, DIRECTORY, and much more.
Also, sort and organize results from your EyeQL searches with ease. One click on the results area shows the relavant group contents of an item.
Mercurial alpha – Continuing to expand Fisheye’s offerings to new open source distributed version control systems (DVCS) like GIT, we introduce alpha support for Mercurial (Hg).
Fisheye now supports Subversion, Perforce, CVS, CleareCase, Git and Mercurial (alpha). This flexibility allows Fisheye to work with your changing source environments from centralized version control systems to distributed version control systems.
Try out Mercurial and let us know what future features Fisheye can provide to make your DVCS experience better.
Improved usability – The setup process just became…easier. Whether you are installing Fisheye or Crucible for the first time or upgrading the new setup process is a whole lot easier and faster.
And many more improvements and bug fixes…
Read the full Fisheye 2.3 release notes or download now.

Crucible 2.3

Create Snippet.pngSnippet Reviews – Go beyond pastebins! Even teams who don’t do formal peer code reviews will benefit from this new feature in Crucible. Simply paste a code snippet and start discussing it with the team, without the need for a formal code review workflow. Each snippet can be easily accessed from a simple durable URL and Crucible applies syntax highlighting based on the programming language used.
Colleagues can comment on snippets of source code and start threaded discussions in seconds – workflow and moderator are not required.
Changeset Discussions – Commit messages allow a developer to provide a simple bit of information with a commit. But sometimes others may want to leave a freeform comment about a particular changeset. Or perhaps the members of your team want to have a short discussion on a change. Crucible now offers changeset discussions to do just that.

  • Have a question or information to share about a changeset? Just add a comment from any changeset view.
  • Other users can add their own comments or reply to yours.

Crucible Gadgets – Utilizing the OpenSocial framework there are now more Crucible gadgets that can be displayed on a Jira Dashboard, iGoogle homepage, or any OpenSocial Container.

  • Crucible “todo” Gadget: a list of crucible code reviews that you must complete.
  • Crucible Overdue Review Gadget: now there is no reason to not complete a review on time.

And there are more improvements and bug fixes…
Read the full Crucible 2.3 release notes or download now.

Download today

Download Fisheye 2.3 and Crucible 2.3 now to get started with a 30-day FREE trial or upgrade your current instance.
Want to give Fisheye and Crucible a test drive? Check out our live sandbox.

Deep Dive

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be doing a deep dive on some of the new features in Fisheye and Crucible 2.3. Have you subscribed to the Developer Tools blog? If not, subscribe today and stay tuned.

Fisheye and Crucible 2.3 Released