It’s been a while since our last Dev Chat, so I think it’s time for a sequel. Sequels are always better than the originals, right?
The chat will be held at:

  • 5pm, Thursday April 27th, San Francisco Time, which is
  • 12am, Friday, April 28th GMT, which is
  • 10am, Friday April 28th, Sydney Time

Find your local time here.
We’ll be using our Wildfire chat server, which can be found at You can log in using an anonymous web account, or you can use your jabber-compliant IM client. There are instructions for using either method.
(The Atlassian chat rooms are always available. You’re welcome to use it before and after the official time, if you like. But there may or may not be anyone from Atlassian there.)
See you there!

Dev Chat, the Revenge!