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This is the first of three posts that will be released in the next several weeks covering the topic of Jira integration with developer tools. Lets start the series off talking about code reviews and issues.

Code Review and Issues

Almost every software development team uses an issue tracker of some type, but few perform code reviews. Lets face it, code review is difficult.
For teams to adopt the practice of code review common hurdles need to be overcome:

  • avoid disrupting developers
  • avoid synchronization issues
  • adopt process change

Atlassian Crucible code review tool alleviates these hurdles with a non-intrusive web based application that allows painless asynchronous code review with features like inline commenting, pre and post commit reviews and synchronization with Atlassian’s Jira issue tracker.
In addition to better knowledge sharing and collaboration, one of the key outcomes of code review is identifying defects. Crucible allows you to identify the defects and integrate them into Jira so you can take action before the bug reaches your customer.

Integrate Jira and Crucible

Watch the video below to see how integrating Jira and Crucible can help you improve your software quality.

  • Initiate Crucible reviews from Jira – initiate a review directly from Jira with just one-click.
  • Link comments as subtasks – When adding comments to a review, you can also create a corresponding subtask in the related Jira issue with just one click.
  • Resolve subtasks from Crucible – Once a comment and subtasks are linked, you can resolve them from either Crucible or Jira and they’ll be updated in the other system as well. This means you don’t have to leave Crucible to update the status of your issues in Jira.
  • Review information about issues in Crucible and code reviews
    in Jira
    – Review comments are automatically incorporated into the
    comments of the linked Jira issue. There is also a Crucible tab which
    includes all of the review details. Jira issue details are available
    in a review by just hovering over the issue key.

Are there integration points of Crucible and Jira that you would like to see? Let us know.

Jira Integration (Part 1): Integrate Crucible code reviews with Jira issues