In the four months since Crucible 2.0 we’ve been working hard solidifying the huge changes delivered in 2.0. Regular users will notice a faster, more polished reviewing experience than 2.0, as well as some handy new features.
Check out the Crucible 2.1 Release Notes!
Crucible 2.1 Highlights

  • Wiki-markup – comments & review objectives support standard wiki-markup
  • Fully threaded comments – reply to replies
  • Time tracking – each participants review time is recorded
  • Progress – the progress for each reviewer and the review as a whole is estimated and displayed
  • Review summary – a new section shows a summary of reviewers progress, their last comment, objectives and review level comments
  • Also viewing – see who else is currently viewing the review you are doing
  • Partial review updates – most review updates no longer require a page reload
  • Review history view – see a chronological list of every change to a review
  • Jira subtask creation – an inline dialog lets you customize the title and assignee of issues created from comments
  • Quote source – a button to add the source inline to your comment

Crucible 2.1 also supports the new pre-commit review creation functionality recently added to the Atlassian IDE Connector for Eclipse. This plugin from Tasktop, the makers of Mylyn, is a must have for Eclipse users who use Crucible (or Bamboo, or Jira, or Fisheye).
If you are running 2.0 (or worse 1.x), do not pass go, go and upgrade now! If you haven’t tried Crucible yet, go on, give it a go.

Wiki markup, time tracking, live updates and lots more in Crucible 2.1