Matt Zukowski of Encore just posted a new Rails plugin that simplifies using Confluence’s XML-RPC interface. Having used Rails myself for some fun programming, I can attest at how easy it is to get an app up and running. It’s a perfect medium for creating lightweight software to meet the needs of agile teams.
And now, thanks to this plugin, your Rails app can interact with Confluence. I find this really exciting, and I’m thrilled to have another excuse to write some Rails code during the day. If there are other Rals programmers out there, I’m sure Matt and company would love to have more collaborators.
APIs seldom have sexy screenshots, so I’ll have to leave you with a simple example:

page = Confluence::Page.find_by_title("My Page", "My Space")
page.content += "Some added content"
page.title = "My Page With a New Title!"

Now that is hot! Thanks, Matt.

Confluence on Rails