We are looking for passionate people to make up the core of the new Amsterdam office! Let me tell you something we have not mentioned yet… This is going to be the coolest Atlassian home to work for and here is why:

What happened so far:

  • A month ago Atlassian officially became a Besloten Vennootschap in Netherlands. We are an “Atlassian B.V.” now. Jeffrey wrote about that.
  • Three weeks ago we have moved into our new office on a beautiful Herengracht canal. According to wikipedia this is the most elegant one of the major canals of Amsterdam. All you can ever want European beer and/or chocolate is just around the corner too. Josh wrote about that.
  • Two weeks ago I arrived in Amsterdam to discover that Josh and Jeffrey have been busy putting together some temporary IKEA furniture. The office really feels like a startup at the moment. Three desks, five chairs, a telephone and two laptops. Days are filled with juggling all kinds of jobs to settle in a new place and make it feel like home!

What else has been happening?

  • Last week I learned more about VOIP and SIP and IP-PBX than I ever wanted to. Not that for a geek like me it wasn’t fun!
  • This week is about properly connecting and patching through our router, switch, VOIP system and video conferencing. Also nice and geeky tasks. Hours of uninterrupted entertainment.
  • There will be lots of other things to work out surely. They are still ‘unforseen’

So what is the interesting part then?

What really excites Josh and I here though is the fact that we are building a new home for Atlassian from scratch. Taking care of all the admin stuff for the new office is a very interesting challenge even in your own country, let alone in a foreign one. However, there is something else.

Atlassian offices in Sydney and San Francisco have build a super fun atmosphere. Each office has its unique aura. Every event is special and causes much envy in the office over the ocean.

We also have a huge number of people that know, use and love our products here in Europe already. We will be having them over for visits. A lot of fun to be had!

The bar is pretty high and we are really exited with possibilities. Everyone who will be part of the initial team here in Amsterdam will really be part of this startup-like environment of building the local office culture ground up. Isn’t that a rarest chance? Not only to work for a great company but to build it’s new home from scratch!

What would you like the culture of this new home to be?

Come join us in Europe!