Most of us have seen how Rails uses colour in its server log, to highlight important lines or even words as the log scrolls by. In case you haven’t, below is a screenshot:
Java Devs, its now time for you too to keep your consoles pretty. Here is a very simple class that will wrap any text with the appropriate ANSI color codes.
From the javadoc:

This class uses the Builder Pattern, to allow combining formats.
e.g. for a blue background and a bold, white foreground you would use:
new Color(“some important message”).b().white().bg().blue();

The latest version of the Atlassian SDK, already ships with an ‘atlas-clover‘ command to run your plugin’s tests with Clover Coverage enabled. If you’ve set the MAVEN_COLOR=true system variable, there is now no reason to switch out to the HTML report for that red/green satisfaction. Clover logs the coverage bars to the console like so:
More on ANSI Color for Java can be found on the wiki.
Oh – and if you are using Clover with either Ant or Maven2 – you can get the same goodness by setting the system variable: -Dansi.color=true.

Colour your Console (now in Java)