Code review improves code quality. That’s widely accepted as fact. Yet relatively few shops do code review. Why is this so?
Well I think it’s because people still associate code review with meetings and developers who like meetings are a small group.
cognitive_rpm_why_developers_hate_code review_meetings.png
Why do we hate meetings so? I don’t think it’s because they are implicitly evil or pointless (though they often are). I believe it’s because even a 10 minute face-to-face empties the brain cache we’ve been building up to that moment. The following chart from the interwebs describes the phenomenon in terms of “Cognitive RPM” which is a great way of putting it.
Why developers hate code review meetings. Click full size.

If you know who “Ash” is, let me know so I can credit him or her.

Luckily code reviews don’t have to involve meetings anymore. With the advent of good online code review tools, you can get your code reviews done between cognitive peaks.
Obviously I’d recommend Crucible (which works with Fisheye, Jira, IntelliJ, Eclipse, supports iterative review, has real time updates, solid integration with Git, Subversion, ClearCase, CVS, Perforce, and other stuff). But if you don’t like Crucible, it seems that every man and his dog has released online code review functionality lately so you should be able to find something that suits your style and budget.

Cognitive RPM – Why developers think they don't like code review